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Giving Examples

Providing examples can be a great way to add additional colour to an explanation, but analogies and examples serve poorly when they’re left to do the heavy…

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More Perl Weak Typing Woes

I’ve written about Perl weak typing woes already, but that was almost two years ago now. With that blog post a slightly faded memory it only makes sense that a…

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Bath Careers Fair

I’m going to be at the Careers Fair at the University of Bath this Friday (October 18th). If you’re a current student you should come and drop by the Netcraft…

Perl Weak Typing Woes

Recently the following block of code was brought up by a colleague at work, anyone familiar with Perl (or other languages with similar automatic type coercion…

I've Graduated

I’ve graduated 🎉 It was my graduation today, I’m pleased to say that I’m the proud holder of a BSc in Computer Science with First Class Honours.